Bio-hybrid composite bone graft for paediatric bone regeneration

Eurostars Project - E!9624




Industrie Biomediche Insubri SA (IBI) ( is an innovative hi-tech Swiss biomedical company focused on research, development and production of medical devices for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, particularly: substitutes, grafts, 3D & 2D matrixes and scaffolds. IBI believes that regenerative medicine and tissue engineering represent the future for health and uses its strong competencies and core skills in processing materials for biomedical applications to develop proprietary technologies to manufacture its new and innovative products.
IBI’s main product is SmartBone® : a family of innovative composite bone substitutes specifically developed for bone regeneration and reconstructive surgery, which also comprises the custom-made line SmartBone®-on-demand™ . IBI also sells proprietary ancillary products: SmartScrews ™ (osteosynthesis screws) and SmartTools™ (surgical tools for bone regeneration surgeries).

Institute CIM for Sustainable Innovation, University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI) – Switzerland


The Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Technologies laboratory, within the Institute CIM for Sustainable Innovation of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI) (, has the precise mission to address therapeutic technologies in the fields of computational pharmaceutics and biomaterials, always with an engineering approach as typical for Swiss Applied Universities, offering simultaneously competences on products and processes, both theoretical and experimental. In the past years, indeed, the team that now constitutes the laboratory has been focusing its research activities also in the studying and understanding of physical-chemical and transport phenomena involved in the controlled delivery of active substances from a wide spectrum of matrixes.

Corticalis AS – Norway


Corticalis AS (, founded 2001, is a Norwegian R&D company focused on bone regenerative technologies and biomaterials.
Corticalis has for a long time performed research for many of the world’s leading players within the dental implant industry. The company and its founders have invented and developed several commercially successful technologies within the dental and medical device field. The company’s major assets are its patents and patent applications. They cover all aspects of three new and commercially highly interesting technologies: 1. A titanium based ceramic bone graft material (NuBone®); 2. A synthetic peptide family (NuPep™); 3. A new, highly effective paste for peri-implantitis treatment (NuGel™).

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